Height : 10 inch
Width : 6 inch
Length : 6 inch
Weight : 2.3 kg

Panchaloha Vastu Vilakku Small

SKU VM0261

Vasthu vilakku  made as per the principles of Peeta Pooja Mantra, and when we light the vasthu vilakku we worship all the universal powers and panchaboothas. It is suggested to first light the lamp on a Friday early morning before sunrise using ghee and putting 5 wicks east,south, west, north and northeast. It is  preferable to keep vasthu vilakku in the north east corner or else in the pooja place or in a neat and tidy area of our home.

The base of  vasthu vilakku is Adhikoorma the second incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu  to hold Mahameru Mandhara hill during the course of Palazhimadhanam and as a result the Devas could gain Amrutham and Amarathuam. So by worshiping the Koorma Avathara of Lord Mahavishnu positive  things definitely happen in our home and surroundings. Sunsequent lighting of lamp can be by using gingelly oil morning or evening. The first lighting of vasthu vilakku can be on the following occasions also.

  • Friday early morning
  • Grihapravesam of our new home
  • When Navavadhu enters her new home after the marriage
  • Onam , vishu Akshayathretheeya, Deepavali, pournami and other religious auspicious and festival days.
  • Height 10 inch
  • Width 6 inch
  • Length 6 inch
  • Weight 2.3 kg
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Customer reviews

Heavy and Cute vilakku. Reached before Diwali. Shall share images soon and post here

Placed in my pooja room . God bless

Heavy packing . Had a hesitation to order. Professioanl behaviour and nice service . Thanks for the detail description given to understand the lamp.

Thank you for the unique one. Catalog was very helpful. Good packing

Thank you so much for delivering Vastu lamp safely. Heavy piece. Even though it looks small this is the correct size for my space

First I have to thank you for delivering the same. The brochure really helped to understand. Thank you so much.

Madam my sisters liked the gift very much. Gifted to all the 4 pieces on my 60th birthday. Thank you for providing them with giftwrap as requested. Lockdown time it has delivered safely . God bless your business

Indian tradition is wow. Nice to know about this lamp and happy to have it. All the wishes

Thank you veena. Very nice lamp

Bought this and used it on diwali day . All the best team.

Divine piece . Well packed , Went through the pamphlet provided. Nicely explained and new informations . All the best

Vastu lamp received safely . Well packed. Great service and cordination. All the best

Got safely , Thank you for the pamphlet . So we got to know about the lamp speciality well. All your products are very nice . Once again thank you

Divine piece . Well packed , Went through the pamphlet provided. Nicely explained and new informations . All the best


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