Height : 9 inch
Width : .6 inch
Length : 6.3 inch
Weight : 600 gm

Kalpavriksha Wall 9 inch

SKU VM0593

The Kalpavriksha originated during the Samudra Manthan or "churning of the ocean" along with the Kamadhenu  the divine cow providing for all needs. The king of the gods, Indra, returned with this tree to his paradise. Kalpavriksha is also identified the tree such as parijata.

  • Height 9 inch
  • Width .6 inch
  • Length 6.3 inch
  • Weight 600 gm
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Customer reviews

Best one. After being fixed, it appears to be part of the door. A flat one would be best for such surfaces. Thanks.

I bought this for framing. Good piece. Everybody appreciated once I did my diy work.


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