Height : 8 inch
Width : 3 inch
Length : 6.7 inch
Weight : 490 gm

Long Holder

SKU VM0136

Beautiful decor piece for your home/pooja room. This beautiful hanger is ideal for hanging bell and lamp.

Care : Do not clean with harsh chemicals

  • Height 8 inch
  • Width 3 inch
  • Length 6.7 inch
  • Weight 490 gm
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Customer reviews

Bought pair of them. This is a good place to hang lamps. Thanks.

This site has a wide variety of hardware products. It's a bit unnerving to place an order because the store is not physically located. The products are superb. I trust this firm and wish all the best. Since I contacted them until I received my order, they have provided excellent service.

Very good product


Let the traditional hardware hold your decor together

Equipment that can be managed by hand such as keys, locks, hooks & hangers, door handlers, bottle openers, knockers and other similar products. 





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