Height : 3 Inch
Width : 3.5 Inch
Length : 6.5 Inch
Weight : 1.18 kg

Blowing Shankh (Plain)

SKU VM0347

Material : Brass

Not all brass shankh can be blownn.  The religious significance of the scared shankh ( conch) still holds great value today. people blow it to purify the environment from the evil forces and remove negative energy. Apart from the religious significance, Shankh also holds true with its scientific values.

Care:  Clean with a mild cloth. This is Lacquered. Never use any sharp cleaning agent to clean this product.  Such chemicals can affect the coating  on the shankh.

Cleaning Care: Clean using cotton cloth without water.

  • Height 3 Inch
  • Width 3.5 Inch
  • Length 6.5 Inch
  • Weight 1.18 kg
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Customer reviews

Good shankh. Heavy and good grip like normal shankh


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