Height : 2 Inch
Width : 4.5 Inch
Length : 5.3 Inch
Weight : 300 Gm

3 Stage Pyramid Tortoise

SKU VM0251

Tortoise has a very long life span and therefore it is considered very auspicious and hence it is recommended that a tortoise should be kept at house so that the family members may have a long life. A Tortoise made of Brass also works as a remedial measure for correction of Vastu faults since it has great power to balance the enviromental energy around us as well as removal of negative energy thereby purifying the place where it is kept. This Tortoise can also help in studies if the same is kept on or near your study table. Similarly it can be kept on the office table as well. 

  • Height 2 Inch
  • Width 4.5 Inch
  • Length 5.3 Inch
  • Weight 300 Gm
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Nice piece

Very nice vaasthu piece


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