Height : 6 inch
Width : 4.6 inch
Length : 4.6 inch
Weight : 890 Gm

Peacock 5 Partition Heavy

SKU VM0276

Brass bird lamp, Sturdy which is shaped like a peacock and has a beautiful round-shaped 5 partition base.Great addition to your decor.

  • Height 6 inch
  • Width 4.6 inch
  • Length 4.6 inch
  • Weight 890 Gm
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Customer reviews

Thanks for Veena Murali decors to send a such nice deepum. Nice workmanship, they didn't even miss a single dot while making the craft, such a nice work of artisians I have never seen.Hatsoff to your artisians Ma'am. Brass quality is good I switched from silver articles to brass because it will take little time to clean and brass will not oxidise like silver for changing weather conditions Anyway I am so happy with these diyas, we will support our artisians ,These bad times taught us so many lessons, I feel happy so that, I also took tiny part in bringing back the the smile of artisians.

Nice work . Good finishing . Great cordination . I felt that price was on higher side and ordered. But it’s worth. Nicely packed professionally and delivered safely . Great cordination until delivery


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