Height : 6 inch
Width : 6 inch
Length : 9 inch
Weight : 700 gm

Mural Nettur Petti 9 *6 inch

SKU VM0257

Wood Used : Jack Fruit Wood , 9-6- 6 inch

Nettoor petti is made according to the principles of Thachushastram, Kerala’s ancient architectural science. Every box is made of 7 pieces of wood in its lower half and 4 parts in its top half, cut to precise measurements using tools specific to this industry. Quality Rosewood, Anjili,Mahogany,Jackfruit  wood are sourced from around the state and polished to perfection for days before they come together in the box. The wood is put together with nails, that are made exclusively by hand for the Nettoor petti. The box once put together is then painted with earth colours inspired by Kerala murals. Over this comes the next intricate piece of detailing – bright brass elements that are also hand crafted. The delicately designed brass work artistically cover the corners and also is used to make the elaborate lock of the box.

  • Height 6 inch
  • Width 6 inch
  • Length 9 inch
  • Weight 700 gm
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