Height : 1.3 inch Wide
Width : 12.3 inch
Length : 12.3 inch
Weight : 2 kg

Bronze (Kansa) Roti Thali Plate 12.3 inch

SKU VM0456

n the olden days, Bronze(Kanza)  was commonly used for daily utensils. It has also been saying SUDDH DHATU in Vedas therefore it is used in worship.

Bowl  1 & 2 Dia - 3.3 inch and Height 1.3  inch

Sweet Bowl Height - 3.6 inches and Dia 3 inch

Glass Height  - 3.6 inch and Dia 3 inch

Spoon - 6.9 inch

Thali Plate Dia  - 12.3  inch  and 1.3 inch wide

 Handcrafted by skilled Artists, Made with 80 % copper and 20% tin.  

This Kansa Thali Plate is for serving food NOT for cooking.

Use Mild Detergent( Recommend to use Ashes) and clean with coconut fiber or cotton cloth dipped in soap water.

Don't use harsh chemicals to clean. After Wash, Don't miss to wipe with a cotton cloth to avoid water stain marks.

  • Height 1.3 inch Wide
  • Width 12.3 inch
  • Length 12.3 inch
  • Weight 2 kg
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