Height : 12.5 Inch
Width : 6 Inch (Thickness)
Length : 13 Inch
Weight : 4 Kg

Simha Yaali Vahana Decor

SKU VM1019

Base Length: 11.8, Width  9.7 inches, Height -4 inches 

Yali figures are commonly found in various South Indian temples, such as those in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They are often positioned at the base of pillars, on walls, or as part of decorative friezes. The use of Yalis in temple architecture reflects the rich symbolism and mythology embedded in Hindu religious traditions.

  • Height 12.5 Inch
  • Width 6 Inch (Thickness)
  • Length 13 Inch
  • Weight 4 Kg
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Artifacts made of wood

Chettinad/Andhra/Tamilnadu style Wooden Wall  Panels used to decorate your homes. Used Vangai Wood,Kurukka Kali Tree Wood and Neem Wood





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