Height : 11.2 inch
Width : 0
Length : 7.6 inch
Weight : 960 gm

Prabhavali 11.2 Inch

SKU VM0451

Hang the Prabhavali on any wall and create an alluring look.

Prabhavali is the ornamental circular ring of light that surrounds the whole person of a god, while the latter is a circular halo that is shown close to the head.It is an ornamental circular or oval ring, with a number of Jvalas.

  • Height 11.2 inch
  • Width 0
  • Length 7.6 inch
  • Weight 960 gm
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Shopping with Veena and her team has been a smooth ride. All the items are very well carved and artistic. I simply loved all the Prabhavallis I purchased and am sure it is going to adorn my home. Will look forward to Interact with them again. I will always recommend my friends to make their purchases through Veena decor’s. Wishing you and your team the very best !!!!!!


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