Height : 12.5 inch
Width : 2.3 inch
Length : 2.3 inch
Weight : 2.8 Kg

Bronze Puttu Steamer (Putt Pot)

SKU VM0365

Diameter of the Cylindrical part (Kutti) - 2.3 inch / Cylindrical Length - 5.5 inch / Pot height - 5.1 inch /Full height 12.5 inch

Put Kudam in bronze is a traditionally used cookware uses to cook food with steam. It can be used on any modern stove. Flat bottom consumes less fuel. This traditional product will add  a charm to your kitchen.


  • Height 12.5 inch
  • Width 2.3 inch
  • Length 2.3 inch
  • Weight 2.8 Kg
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Customer reviews

It can be used on gas as well. Liked it very much. Quality products

Very good item ..gets super hot quickly and within minutes the job is done..easy to use and super easy to clean...

I received puttu maker with out any damage. I had excellent customer service from this team from my order to deliver. Looking forward to purchase more. Over all good quality.








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